Wedding with the Sun

Written by Ahmad Akbarpour

Illustrated by Hamideh Khosravian

Published in 2017

32 pages, 21 x 26cm

Age 4+

World Rights Available


Once upon a time, there was a mouse called Sharptooth who was the bravest mouse in the whole wide world.
Many of the lady mice dreamed of becoming his wife, but he would always say, “No, no, I want to marry the strongest creature in the world.” The lady mice would look at him with longing. Sharptooth would go past them quickly and say to himself, “Imagine me marrying a teensy mouse! Ugh!”
Follow our story to find out who he marries with…
“Wedding with the Sun” is retold from an ancient Iranian folktale. The story familiarizes children with natural phenomena and their power and effects in a satirical narration. Children also get to know their individual potential and capabilities. In reading the story, they contemplate how their behavior and abilities can affect their environment.



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