The Boxer

Written & Illustrated by Hasan Mousavi

Published in 2017

32 pages, 22 x 27

Age 5+


Mousavi, Hassan. Author and Illustrator. (1396) The Boxer. English translation: Caroline Croskery. Editor: Mojgan Kalhour. First Edition, Tehran: Fatemi (Tuti Books), 36 pages.

He was a professional boxer who loved to box because it made him feel powerful. But the day came when there was nothing left for him to box, no one applauded for him or praised him or came to watch him anymore. One day he began to think about his loneliness and his worn-out gloves and he wondered why his boxing no longer made people or even himself happy.

Young, talented illustrator Hassan Mousavi uses warm, vivid colors to bring to life before the reader’s eyes the beautiful forms and repetitive patterns of this exciting world. The Boxer demonstrates the contradiction of kindness and wrath, while reminding us of the importance of control of anger. Having powerful arms to box with might be fine, as long as that power is used for helping hands and good deeds. The Boxer has a place in people’s hearts corresponding to the amount of his kindness that they remember.

In the end, the boxer entrusts his precious keepsake to a child who will build the world of the future. He teaches this eager child to think carefully about his goals and intentions. The relationship of humans and nature, respecting the natural environment instead of destroying it, a message of friendship with nature, and being aware of threats to nature are the overall themes in this book.


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