The black crow goes on a trip!

Written by Babak Saberi

Illustrated by Shabnam Chaichian

Published in 2016

24 pages, 21 x 21cm

Age 4+

World Rights Available

ISBN 978-964-318-853-5


What do you need to take with you when you go on a trip? Is it a suitcase full of clothes?

Or is it canned food? How about a pair of sunglasses? Or maybe it is a pair of sneakers?

Now what do you think a crow will take with him when he goes on a trip? A suitcase?

Warm clothes? A flashlight? A bag? Definitely not. Don’t even think of such things.

If you wish to know what crows need while travelling, come along and accompany our

black crow.

This book is already translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Chinese, and is

well-appreciated by Latin American children.

Friendship and making friends are some important issues that children should learn

about. They should learn that showing compassion, and having a companion does not

only serve as a means of escaping from loneliness, but it is an essential part of a healthy

life style.


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