paper boat

Written & Illustrated by Anahita Teymourian

Published in 2017

36 pages, 21 x 21cm

Age 4+

World Rights Available

ISBN 978-964-318-955-6


Taymourian, Anahita. Author and Illustrator. (1396) A Paper Boat. Editor: Mojgan Kalhour. English translation: Caroline Croskery. First Edition, Tehran: Fatemi (Tuti Books), 28 pages.

Do you think a newspaper remains a newspaper forever?  Anahita Taymourian’s newspaper could have collected moisture and worn away on the kitchen windowsill, but she does not let that happen… She cherishes her newspaper named Berni, because she understands its messages of friendship and kindness on each line. She makes him into a paper boat that sails over all of the imaginary seas in the world. Berni loves to sail until the day when he learns to fly.

Experienced and talented children’s book author and illustrator Anahita Taymourian has been contributing to the world of children’s books for many years with stories full of colorful art, and beautiful images. She writes the stories for her own picture books, or shall we say rather, that she illustrates her own books. Her expertise in both areas is at once a melodic and visual treat, lovely to see and read. The main character moves from an inner journey into a real journey and then on to flying, and though the narrator seems to lose a part of herself when Berni leaves, she does not stop him from leaving and instead encourages him to go out in search of new experiences. As children read, they can feel the courage of change and growth and know what it is like to say goodbye to a dear friend at the height of friendship and closeness.


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