Written by Mostafa Khoraman

Illustrated by Sara Khoraman

Published in 2016

32 pages, 21 x 21cm

Age 4+

World Rights Available

ISBN 978-964-318-906-8

Mr. Frog has a magic stick and can make any wishes come true. Some frogs wish to be big and strong while others wish to be small, so they can creep inside any holes. Now it is Mr. Frog’s turn to fulfill his wishes stick and fulfill the wishes. Three, two, and one…! There you are!

First, ladybird wishes to be a hundred times bigger. Then, the turtle wants to be smaller. And some animals want to stay the way they are.

Follow along to see what happens next!

The illustrations of the book were printed and approved in Bolognia Book Exhibition Catalog in 2016. The narration of the story is easy and fluent, and the illustrations are attractive; the writer and the illustrator, however, do not aim to just narrate a story. They plan to activate the reader’s creativity in order to achieve their education goals. The magic stick can grant all your wishes. The story makes children think about all the possibilities, should they ever meet Mr. Frog. The book indirectly teaches children to care about themselves and their personal features and capabilities. Children also learn that friendship, making friends, and cooperation play important roles in their lives.


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