Cricket! Why do you sing?

Written by Babak Saberi

Illustrated by Negin Ehtesabian

Published in 2016

28 pages, 20 x 26cm

Age 4+

English Rights Sold to Canada

ISBN 978-964-318-856-6


Why do crickets sing? Have you ever wondered why crickets sing? No one has ever

asked them. But someone decides to go out and ask the cricket, “Cricket! Why do you

sing?” Or, “Cricket! When do you sing?”

Close your eyes and listen to the cricket sing.

Do you have any idea when a cricket sings? Follow our story to find out when crickets sing.

The writer and the illustrator have created a poetic and imaginative story. In this story,

children learn to care about the beauty of nature, friendship, and respecting others. By

reading this well narrated story, children are taught individual and social skills to learn the

importance of friendship with animals. Artistic and eye-catching illustrations in the book

will elevate the aesthetic sense in children.


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