Sleep full of sheep

Written &Illustrated by Pejman Rahimizadeh

Published in 2016

28 pages, 20 x 26cm

Age 4+

English Rights Sold to Canada

ISBN 978-964-318-855-9

Shortlisted in Hans Christian Anderson Award 2016


A Sleep full of sheep is the story of a boy who cannot sleep. He starts counting sheep

to solve his problem. Then, he falls asleep when he suddenly wakes up hearing one of the

sheep bleat. The sheep has lost its friends and asks for help. The boy and the sheep set

out to find the sheep’s friends. Will they succeed?

The beautiful illustrations of the book help children to care about and follow their

imagination. By reading the well narrated book, they understand how important it is to

care about animals and their world and how to become friends with them. The

eye-catching illustrations will develop children’s aesthetic sense.


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